This subpage refers to a series of international conferences on the theme of “Ordnungspolitische Dialoge” which have been regularly held in Zwickau / Germany since 2007. The organisers are also the initiators of the “Ordnungspolitisches Portal”, who act in cooperation with the University of Tartu / Estonia and the Hamburger Weltwirtschaftsinstitut (HWWI) in Erfurt / Germany. (Conference proceedings are available in German only).

Additionally, the initiators of the “Ordnungspolitisches Portal” publish commentaries on current international economic policy topics. Guest commentaries are very welcome! (Please send to

Last but not least, the “Forum Soziale Marktwirtschaft” (Forum on Social Market Economy) has been set up to commemorate the 60th birthday of the successful German economic system, highlighting the important contributions “Ordnungspolitik” has made, publishing numerous press reviews, online-texts etc.